Gold Star Service Flag. This flag is made using traditional felt & flock.It includes a wood dowel rod and spear, chainette tassel and suction cup for hanging. This is an indoor flag and faces outward from a front window.

Custom text is made using the same flock material the white field and star is made from. Enter one line of text to appear above the white field, and up to two lines below.

Note: All fabrics will fade when exposed to sunlight. If the window you wish to display this Service Flag in is exposed to direct sunlight, consider purchasing a nylon embroidered flag instead. Nylon fabric is more durable and will hold up better when exposed to direct sunlight.

Purchases from this page are intended for submissions made through the Third Vice President of the Blue Star Mothers National Organization. Please fill out the information below. When the coupon code from the BSM's third vice-president is entered the price will reduce to $0 for a felt flag, or $10 for an embroidered flag.

If you are ordering more than one flag and want them shipped to separate addresses, please order them separately,

Note on shipping - if you need something overnight or 2-day, please call us to confirm that it can ship in time for your needs. 1-866-887-6678.

Gold Star Nylon Flag for BSM VP

Gold Star Nylon Flag for BSM VP
Code: GS-BSM-nylon
Price: $28.95
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Quantity in Basket: None
If the recipient has other family members currently serving or previously deceased and you wish those names (and stars) included, please include their details (name, etc). In cases of multiple stars and names, we may omit the branch and leave only the names on the flag.
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