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Hello and thank you for reading about us.  Serviceflags.com, Inc. is a family owned business location in Carson City, Nevada (the Battle Born state).  After our Dad passed away in 1998, we found in his collection several Service flags  and researched their significance and historical value.  During that search, we discovered that the Service Flag is a national symbol governed by the DoD, and when it is authorized to be flown.

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After 9/11 and the war against terrorism began, we wanted to revive the tradition of displaying Service flags because of the patriotic call we were all challenged to perform in those days following the attack.  We looked up the DoD regulation governing the Service flag and contacted the entity designated to authorize the manufacture and sale of the Service flag.  We were the first company authorized by the DoD to manufacture the Service flag for the war on terrorism.

While we originally looked at silk screening the Service flag (it is much less expensive and faster), we chose to follow a historical method of using wool felt and flock (with modern application techniques). Our process is more expensive and more time consuming, but the end result is the highest quality Service flag available today - and considering what they represent, only the highest quality is acceptable in our opinion!  Being able to put a name to a star on the flag is also important to us in that it personalizes the significance of the hope and pride we have for our loved ones.

We manufacture our Service flag in prime commercial space in North Carson City. We also make dye-sublimation products (custom t-shirts, mugs, etc), embroidery, awards and trophies and other retail items to the Carson City community.

Thanks again for your interest in our products, God bless and stay safe.